This Microsoft Excel Add-In enables user to easily convert the number value to English text. For example, a value of 12.20 will be converted to Twelve Dollars and Twenty Cents.

How to install the Add-In

  1. Download the ConvertNumberToText Excel Add-In.
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip package.
  3. Launch Microsoft Excel.
  4. Open the Excel Options window.
  5. Click on the Add-Ins menu.
  6. Open Manage Excel Add-Ins.
  7. Click on Browse button and select the downloaded Add-In file (ConvertNumberToText.xla).
  8. Make sure the ConvertNumberToText Add-In was checked, and click on OK button.

How to use the Add-In

Enter Tools.ConvertNumberToText on the function box. For example:
This will convert the 55.30 to Fifty Five Dollars and Thirty Cents.
Below are the parameters supported.
Parameter Name Description
sNumber Numeric value
sNoteSingular (Optional) Default to Dollar. Note unit in singular form.
sNotePlural (Optional) Default to Dollars. Note unit in plural form.
sCoinSingular (Optional) Default to Cent. Coin unit in singular form.
sCoinPlural (Optional) Default to Cents. Note unit in plural form.